Who Are The Mummy Company Nannies?

Our highly qualified founder studied counseling and child development and has worked with children for well over a decade. From years as a high-end, live-in nanny to families in Paris, London and beyond, to working with young children in one of the UK’s leading youth mental health facilities, she has seen it all and brings an exceptional level of expertise to the table. And it is by her exacting standards that all Mummy Company nannies are judged. All our nannies are, of course, first-aid trained and DBS checked, but beyond that, they must meet the high expectations of a founder who has many years of experience at the very top end of childcare.

A Word From Our CMO (Chief Mummying Officer) Beth

After all the years I had spent working with kids, when I found out I was expecting one of my own I rather stupidly assumed I would have it all under control. To say that wasn’t entirely the case would be putting it lightly. Because, let’s be honest – once the new-born baby buzz has worn off, parenting is a whole new level of exhausting. But so often parents feel they are expected to put on a public face of perfection. When people would come visit and ask, “Is there anything I can do?” the honest answer was clearly “Yes, you can watch the baby and clean the kitchen while I take a long bath and wash the sick out of my hair.” But instead, I would feel the need to smile and say no, while quietly wondering if I would ever find time to catch up on the insane quantities of laundry we suddenly seemed to be producing. One day a friend who runs a cleaning company did something lovely for me – he sent one of his cleaners to our flat for the afternoon. It was brilliant, but it made me think “This is incredible, but I kind of wish she could look after the baby while I take a nap.” And that was when the seed that would grow into The Mummy Company was planted. Unlike when friends and family visit, I’ve created a service where telling people what needs doing is 100% guilt free. I don’t want clients to feel obliged to clean the house or look presentable before we arrive, or even make conversation if they don’t want to – I know just how exhausting that can feel in the midst of young baby sleeplessness. Instead, we arrive, get whatever needs doing done without fuss, and are on our way once the session is over leaving behind calm, cleanliness, and a rested parent. We take enormous pride and satisfaction in knowing that we’ve made a real difference to people going through one of the most wonderful, but also one of the most tiring and emotionally draining, periods of their lives.